Case Studies

Case Study  Automotive Translations.jpg

Automotive Translations

In addition to manuals and technical publications, we also translate training materials for the automotive industry. A client asked us…

Case Study  Tourism Translations.jpg

Tourism Translations

When translating texts for the tourism industry, we view each project as a creative work and ensure that cultural, historical and…

Case Study  Marketing Translations.jpg

Marketing Translations

A client regularly asks us to translate press releases to accompany their new and existing products and bring them to the attention of…

Case Study  Legal Translations.jpg

Legal Translations

A client, who was investigating leasing business premises in Poland, asked us to translate the associated legal documentation from…

Case Study  Technical Translations.jpg

Technical Translations

A client asked us to translate a user guide for their electronic security system into French, German, Spanish and Italian. For the user…

Case Study  Business Translations.jpg

Business Translations

A client asked us to translate a website for them into eight different languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic. The…