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Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese?

Posted on 4 Jun 2018, 15:52

One of the most important questions we ask clients early on is whether they need translations into Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese. Click through to learn the basics.

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Preparing Your Documents for Translation

Posted on 4 Jun 2018, 15:49

In order to streamline the process, we have provided some guidelines below, covering some of the main points for consideration when preparing your documents for translation.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Translation Buyers

Posted on 4 Jun 2018, 15:42

We often get asked about our work, sometimes we think it would useful to share some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers for example 'What is the difference between translation and interpreting?' and 'How long will it take to translate my document?' Click through to see if they could be helpful for you.

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