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Case Study | Business Translations

A client asked us to translate a website for them into eight different languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic. The website was to be used to promote the client’s services abroad and the translations needed to reflect the local issues of the country concerned, as well as complement the designs and images used within the site. In order to optimise the site for search engines, we also translated a set of keywords which reflected search terms used in the particular country.

We selected the most suitable translators to work on this project based on their skills and experience and we liaised between the client and translators with regard to specialist terminology. After the developers had uploaded the translations to the appropriate pages, these were then proofread, to ensure the translations were of sound quality and to check that the oriental scripts displayed correctly in the most commonly used web browsers.

As a result, the client now had an optimised multilingual website with which to promote their services in eight different countries.