Business translations
Business Translations

A client asked us to translate a website for them into eight different languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic. The website was to be used to promote the client’s services abroad and the translations needed to reflect the local
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Marketing translations
Marketing Translations

A client regularly asks us to translate press releases to accompany their new and existing products and bring them to the attention of new overseas markets. We did this French, German, Spanish and Italian and worked with some of the
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Technical translations
Technical Translations

A client asked us to translate a user guide for their electronic security system into French, German, Spanish and Italian. For the user to be able to use the device safely and effectively, the translation needed to be of the highest quality.
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Tourism translations
Tourism Translations

When translating texts for the tourism industry, we view each project as a creative work and ensure that cultural, historical and idiomatic issues are all taken into account during the translation. This ensures that our translations are
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Legal translations
Legal Translations

A client, who was investigating leasing business premises in Poland, asked us to translate the associated legal documentation from Polish to English. There were a number of official documents, all of which needed to be translated
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Automotive translations
Automotive Translations

In addition to manuals and technical publications, we also translate training materials for the automotive industry. A client asked us to translate a set of training manuals for installing GPS components in vehicles.
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